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November 2020


October 2020

Clark, Elizabeth J. (Sadye L. M. Logan)
Health Profession Centrism (Edward Pecukonis)
Long-Term Services and Supports (Rosalie A. Kane, Mingyang Zheng), revised
Social Work Practice: Theoretical Base (Jerry Floersch, Jeffrey Longhofer), revised
Team-Based Health Care (Michael A. Patchner, Lisa S. Patchner)

September 2020

Digital Technology in Social Work (Frederic G. Reamer), revised
Feminist Social Work Practice (Cheryl A. Hyde), revised
Homelessness (Yin-Ling Irene Wong, Claudia J. Vogelsang), revised
Task-Centered Practice (Michael S. Kelly, Marjorie C. Metcalf), revised

August 2020

Adults: Group Care (Robin Bonifas), revised
Austin, David M. (Sadye L. M. Logan)
Brody, Elaine Marjorie Breslow (Sadye L. M. Logan)
Child Soldiers (Julie Guyot-Diangone)
Genocide (Jacquelyn C.A. Meshelemiah, Raven E. Lynch)
Lieberman, Florence (Sadye L. M. Logan)
Mental Health and Older Adults (Hee Yun Lee, William Hasenbein, Priscilla Gibson)
Organizations and Associations (Halaevalu F. O. Vakalahi, Michael M. Sinclair, Bradford W. Sheafor), revised
Post-Disaster Trauma and Recovery (Tara M. Powell, Shannondora Billiot, Leia Y. Saltzman)
Stern, Leonard William (Sadye L. M. Logan)
Unions (Howard Karger), revised

July 2020

Cultural Sensitivity in the Context of Cultural Humility (Robert M. Ortega, Roxanna Duntley-Matos)
Dinerman, Miriam Goldforb (Sadye L. M. Logan)
Disability Theory in Context (Jasmine P. Brown, Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar)
Ephross, Paul Hullman (Sadye L. M. Logan)
Ethics in Research (Jeane W. Anastas), revised
Hendricks, Carmen Ortiz (Sadye L. M. Logan)
Humphreys, Nancy A. (Sadye L. M. Logan)
Ikeda, Tsuguo “Ike” (Sadye L. M. Logan)
Implementation Science (Enola Proctor, Alicia Bunger)
Intimate Partner Violence and Reproductive Coercion (Amber Sutton, Haley Beech, Debra Nelson-Gardell)
Jewish Communal Services (Sheldon R. Gelman, Saul Andron, David J. Schnall), revised
Latinx Immigrant Health and Mental Health (Cecilia Ayón, Tanya Nieri, Maria Gurrola)
Siporin, Max (Sadye L. M. Logan)
Students with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Clare S. Gaskins, Melissa A. Bitalvo, Michele R. Cohen)
Sustainability (Juliana Svistova, Loretta Pyles, Arielle Dylan)
The Association of Social Work Boards (M. Jenise Comer, Joyce A. Bell)
Vigilante, Florence Wexler (Sadye L. M. Logan)
White, Barbara W. (Sadye L. M. Logan)
Young, Alma T. (Sadye L. M. Logan)

June 2020

Baker, Ella Josephine (Sadye L. M. Logan)
Groups (Charles D. Garvin, Maeda J. Galinsky), revised
Hamer, Fannie Lou (Sadye L. M. Logan)
Hardcastle, David (Sadye L. M. Logan)
International Volunteer Service (Benjamin J. Lough), revised
Program Evaluation (Peter Gabor, Richard M. Grinnell Jr., Yvonne A. Unrau), revised
Racial Disparities in the Education System (Martell Teasley, Bonita Homer)
Supervision (Lawrence Shulman), revised
The Opioid Crisis (M. Aryana Bryan, Valerie Hruschak, Cory Dennis, Daniel Rosen, Gerald Cochran)

May 2020

Carpenter, Kenneth Stephen (Sadye L. M. Logan)
Dellums, Ronald Vernie (Sadye L. M. Logan)
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (Janet B. W. Williams, Michael First), revised
Ethics and Values (Frederic G. Reamer), revised
Fundraising in Human Service Nonprofits (Kirsten A. Grønbjerg), revised
Katz, Arthur J. (Sadye L. M. Logan)
Prisoner Reentry (Peter C. Treitler, Beth Angell)
Sacks, Oliver Wolf (Amanda Sorrent-Diaczenko)
Social Empathy (Elizabeth A. Segal), revised
Upshaw, Joan King (Sadye L. M. Logan)
Womanism and Domestic Violence (Selena T. Rodgers)

April 2020

Autism Spectrum Disorder (Sandy Magaña, Lauren Bishop-Fitzpatrick)
Critical Race Theory (V. Thandi Sulé)
Disability Rights (Patricia Findley)
Gendlin, Eugene (Brittany A. Woods)
Sexual Harassment (Sondra J. Fogel, Doris A. Boateng), revised
The NASW Code of Ethics (Frederic G. Reamer), revised

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