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For scholars and instructors, the Encyclopedia of Social Work is a key link to the kind of reliable, vetted social work content you encourage colleagues and students to use. Featuring hundreds of articles and biographies, with new entries added each month, the Encyclopedia is a reference to turn to again and again due to the timeliness and accuracy of its content. Students will find it intuitive and easy to use, an essential starting point for any research project; faculty can rest assured that their students are discovering peer-reviewed, high-quality sources.

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The partnership between Oxford University Press and NASW Press ensures that each and every social work entry demonstrates the highest level of authority, quality, and scholarly depth. The print edition of Encyclopedia of Social Work has been an acclaimed reference work for decades and we sought to maintain this trusted tradition as we transformed it into a consistently-updated online source. Both OUP and NASW Press have the tools and resources necessary to carry out the goal of a "living" social work resource that will serve students and practitioners faithfully through the entirety of the product's existence.

Vetted by experts

The ESW editorial board features 13 members with decades of experience in academic as well as in clinical social work, across a wealth of specialties. OUP and NASW Press editors will continue to work alongside the editorial board, led by Editor in Chief Cynthia Franklin, PhD, to ensure that the site maintains the standards set out in the missions of both presses.

Valuable article features

Each article offers a number of key enhancements that makes research easier than ever. Brief in-line citations link to the relevant full citations in the bibliography, so users can quickly discover the publication details of a referenced work. Links to other resources and related articles carry the user on a seamless journey through relevant content, and OpenURL functionality makes it possible to view external sources in Google Preview, WorldCat, and in an institution's holdings. For a full tour of the facets of a social work article, please visit Anatomy of an Article

…And More to Come

We’ll be continually expanding and improving the Encyclopedia through Summer 2013 and beyond. Visit the Forthcoming Articles page to read about the newest articles you’ll see soon.

To learn more about Encyclopedia of Social Work, please visit Getting Started, check out our Article Walk-thru for an explanation of article features, or start browsing the site.