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Encyclopedia of Social Work is an online research encyclopedia, one that offers in-depth overviews on a very wide range of social work-related topics, written from both historical and current perspectives, and addressing issues of policy, theory, practice, multiculturalism, ethics, and more. For students, it provides a singular resource to review important concepts and to learn about the history and development of the social work profession. For scholars, it provides an excellent springboard to plan classroom discussions and term paper assignments, and to review topics that fall outside of their immediate area of expertise.

But the Encyclopedia can also be a powerful research tool for social work practitioners and those in related fields who have an immediate professional question or concern that they hope to address. Watch the short video below for a look into how social workers are using and contributing to Encyclopedia of Social Work, spreading the knowledge of the social work community:



>    A Day in the Life of a Social Worker: Short Film

Chris Dougherty is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) at Archbishop Molloy High School, one of the first high schools in the country to implement a student counseling program. This video tells Chris’s story and charts the experiences of the teenagers leading Molloy’s peer advisory group.

Featured Articles from the Oxford University Press blog

Should social work be evidence-based?


Q&A with social worker Anderson Al Wazni


>    A Day in the Life of a Psychotherapist

Read a post by Michael Weiner, LCSW, on "aggressive play"and how video can be used as a tool to educate children about their behavior.

The activity has many names: “rough and tumble,” “boy,” “physical,” “aggressive.” We see it everywhere, on playgrounds, in homes, at schools. With early childhood education literature rife with new research, we recognize that this type of play activity is developmentally essential for children. It aids in motor development, empathy building, healthy social interaction, enhancing self-esteem and more. So why are so many of us uncomfortable with it?



Informational and Contextual Videos

Take a moment to watch a short video from the NASW Massachusetts chapter, showcasing "The Many Faces of Social Work", as real social workers apply their skills in the field.


The below videos highlight New York City based practitioners discussing what they look for in a quality, online social work resource. As the site continues to grow each month, further videos showcasing practitioners in-the-field, or reflecting on their experience as social workers, will be released.