Updating Program

Today's researchers rely on content to be timely. This was a point made clear to us in interview after interview with librarians, students, scholars, and every day web users. And when it comes to social work—a profession where new census data and current events can radically alter past information— timeliness is especially crucial.

Continuing in the tradition of scholarly innovation, we have embarked on several intensive research initiatives assessing research habits and the way scholars, students, and practitioners interact with online resources.

Encyclopedia of Social Work's sophisticated platform and functionality enables OUP and NASW Press to:

  1. Publish articles online immediately upon passing peer review
  2. Feature online-only peer reviewed articles that expand coverage in cutting edge topics
  3. Update the site monthly with new articles and functionality enhancements

Immediate Publication of Born-Digital Articles

Editor in Chief Cynthia Franklin and the 13-member ESW editorial board will commission online-only articles to address gaps in coverage and expand research on cutting-edge topics, ensuring comprehensive coverage of all subject areas. New and revised articles will appear on the site on a monthly basis.

Review of Existing Articles

The editorial board, as well as Oxford and NASW Press editors, will continually monitor and review all articles, ensuring that they remain up-to-date and accurate. This way, the site will evolve as the field of social work evolves, allowing users complete certainty that the content they're reading is relevant.

Authors should contact the OUP editors at any time to suggest revisions, additions, and updates. Please visit our published authors page for more information on how to update your own article.

Users are additionally encouraged to contact OUP with their feedback and suggestions for individual articles; all correspondence will be forwarded to the author and editorial board for consideration.

Clear Announcements of Forthcoming Content

The homepage and the New and Featured area of the ESW site offer links to a list of Forthcoming Articles, so social workers can see where the latest research is headed.

New Article Selection

New article topics are selected to ensure each subject area offers full and balanced coverage as determined by the Editor in Chief and editorial board. New topics are introduced based on scholarly feedback, editorial input, and research demand. We also select topics based on requests from users. If you are interested in writing an article for Encyclopedia of Social Work please visit the For Authors page.