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Published in partnership with the National Association of Social Workers (NASW Press)

Oxford University Press has partnered with the NASW on the Encyclopedia of Social Work, a continuously updated online collaboration building off the classic reference work.

White Supremacy

"White supremacy and its sequelae—White privilege, racism, oppression—are not mere concepts, but active living structures that inflict pain and suffering on those who are not White (Beck, 2019). Over time these ideas have produced and sustained structural racism, a systematic and pervasive form of oppression that denies the humanity of people of color nationally and globally. ..." – By Tracy Whitaker, Lauren Alfrey, Alice B. Gates and Anita Gooding

Labor Unions in the United States

"Appearing on the Great Seal of the United States since 1782 has been a very brief phrase familiar to many of us: “E Pluribus Unum.” In common translation, the Latin term simply means: “Out of many, one.” Appearing on American coinage since 1795, and on the $1 bill since 1935, the concept to which it refers is that out of the many colonies will come one nation—that is, from a mere collective of individual states will emerge the strength of a country united. ..." – By Paul A. Kurzman

OUP remembers the life of Encyclopedia of Social Work Senior Editor Larry E. Davis

Oxford University Press remembers the life of Encyclopedia of Social Work Senior Editor Larry E. Davis, who passed away earlier this year.

First Encyclopedia of Macro Social Work Articles Published Online

Oxford University Press and the National Association of Social Workers Press are pleased to announce the online publication of articles that are destined to be included in the print edition of the inaugural Encyclopedia of Macro Social Work (EOMSW). The articles in question—Disability and Political Interventions—signal the beginning of continuous online publication of EOMSW content that will culminate in a three-volume print work expected to appear in 2022.

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