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Published in partnership with the National Association of Social Workers (NASW Press)

Oxford University Press has partnered with the NASW on the Encyclopedia of Social Work, a continuously updated online collaboration building off the classic reference work.

OUP and NASW Press proudly present The Encyclopedia of Macro Social Work

Edited by Darlyne Bailey and Terry Mizrahi, the Encyclopedia includes nearly 200 articles written by 334 authors and peer-reviewed by 13 Associate Editors.

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Abolition of Involuntary Mental Health Services

"Apart from a few dissenting perspectives, social workers have not coherently engaged with the moral dilemmas inherent in the profession’s participation in coercing or mandating patients to mental health treatment..." – By Brianna Suslovic

Social Entrepreneurship

"Social entrepreneurship has emerged as a powerful catalyst in the contemporary era, marked by complex social dilemmas and pressing global issues. By transcending conventional business paradigms..." – By Cherése Novelle Godwin and Judith Crocker-Billingsley

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